The Flint Grassroots Initiative (FGI) managed a pilot project in the Civic Park Neighborhood in Flint. This project was completed with the objectives of:
1) Every resident in Civic Park having direct access to needed water-related resources – water, filters, replacement cartridges and water testing.
2) Every household having accurate, understandable and trustworthy information to make
personal and family decisions in dealing with their water situation.


The objectives were met with both United Way and Ruth Mott Foundation support. The majority of the occupied houses in the Civic Park area have been surveyed and needs have been identified. Weekly door-to-door (D2D) deliveries have been established with those people needing such services, along with providing filters and other commodities.


The pilot project identified people and homes who were not being served through the current system and we have implemented weekly water distribution to them. There are a variety of reasons they have not been able to access the available water (i.e. lack of transportation, health, etc).