2018 Civic Park Holiday Walk.

Tree Lighting Ceremony, Christmas Carols, activities for the kids, refreshments..... and what's a Christmas party without SANTA!!!!

Pastor Robert McCathern of Joy Tabernacle in Flint, MI shares how the Flint Water Crisis has impacted his congregation, neighborhood, and city.  Interviewed by Ace McKay of "Ace & Jeff in the Afternoons" on WJQK JQ99.3.

Flint, Michigan is a city built on the American dream. With the disappearance of industry, it became impoverished and neglected, and so did its residents. The water crisis is just one more tragedy piled upon a mound of oppression.
Noah Patton, a young man from Flint, was deeply affected after his mother killed herself. But with the help of his pastor, he has turned his life around and is helping to positively shape the future of his community

This latest documentary focuses on a community in Flint, Michigan fighting through the current water crisis. Flint, Michigan was already struggling with crippling poverty and high violent crime rates when it was struck with a devastating water crisis. Because of decisions made by Michigan's government, the city's residents are living without comprehensive and reliable access to life's most basic necessity: water. In spite of Flint's many troubles, the people there have not given up hope. Former prisoners, among others, have emerged as vital leaders during this crisis. These individuals are spearheading efforts to unite and revitalize their community as it marches toward a brighter future. They are fighting for Flint -- and setting strong and inspiring examples for others in the process. #FightingForFlint