The Urban Renaissance Center (URC) has been on the front lines of Flint’s water crisis in calling for immediacy in providing essential services to the underserved and hard to reach. URC facilitated three Water Crisis Projects with the Ruth Mott Foundation, and as a long-term response to the water crisis, we have established a community-based health and wellness initiative adjacent to the URC community-hub facility. The purpose of the Civic Park Health & Wellness House (Health House) is to provide sustained health and wellness service delivery to residents of Civic Park and surrounding neighborhoods. The Health House will help ensure that residents of Civic Park do not fall through the cracks of traditional health care systems and are able to navigate the many health and wellness resources now available to the Flint community as result of the Water Crisis.

Services offered at the Health House will include but are not limited to:

• Referrals to primary care, eye, and dental services
• Transportation to specialty health providers
• Health insurance enrollment
• Coordination of neighborhood outdoor physical activities and exercise
• Support for alcohol and drug addiction
• Behavioral health services (on-site and referrals)
• Violence prevention and trauma counseling
• Emotional support and hope
• Food giveaways and Pop-up Clothes Closet
• Carbon monoxide and fire prevention awareness